Anatomy & Physiology for beginners


This course is taught by our instructor: Casey Doran, who has used his training and skills
as an EMT and Advanced First Responder to provide medical care in some of the
most remote places on earth! as well Michele Doran who has over 12 years experience as an emergency nurse and also holds a masters degree in Midwifery.

You will also have the help and support of our most experienced instructor: TJ Doran, a UK HCPC registered paramedic and certified Australian paramedic, trainer/assessor with over 25 years in the prehospital care field.

Both instructors will be available to answer any queries and assist you on your learning journey with us!

No more learning from armchair experts, learn from an experienced, professional team of instructors Now!

home remedies

  • And much more!

COMING SOON!: Medical Kits 101:


Taught and developed by a team of 3 instructors with a combined total of 45 years working in the emergency medicine and pre-hospital care field

In this course we will look at the essentials of a good medical kit and will also got through constructing 3 different sizes of medical kit (pocket, medium and large)

Preparing to deal with medical emergencies in disaster or survival situations is imperative to increasing chances of survival.

An important part of this preparation is to be equipped with the appropriate supplies to deal with any situation that may arise, these situations may include...

  •   Minor injuries such as cuts, bruises and abrasions
  •    Major injuries such as heavy bleeding, burns and fractures
  •    Catastrophic injuries such as uncontrollable haemorrhage and amputations
  •    Airway obstruction, cardiac arrest and anaphylaxis